Request Line Entertainment Campgrounds


We at Request Line Entertainment are a lot like your campers because well we are, we used to avid campers starting out with a pop up camper then switching to an RV, so we can relate to all the campers based on what they like with our years of experience with music as well as interacting with your campers and children. It is important to us that the diverse groups of people that come to your Campground leave having an amazing time. After all, that is what they are there for, to escape the day to day and relax. The types of events we have done at campgrounds are:

  • Karaoke
  • Dance night
  • Country night
  • Rock night
  • Game night 

Any other event that you may create or would like Request Line Entertainment to help you with feel free to call us at: 

MA. 508-212-5391 or R.I. 401-723-8355

We look forward to hosting your next event!

Here is some video and a photo of the job that we did at a campground in Connecticut called Circle C campground:


Request Line Entertainment Circle C Campground