Request Line Entertainment Comedy Karaoke


At Request Line Entertainment we pride ourselves on making people have a great time at Karaoke, so we came out with the first ever Comedy Karaoke where we will call up a singer, as they are singing depending on the song we try to get people up dancing whether it’s a upbeat dance song, or a ballad so that we can put on a mask and get a few laughs. We also do music videos to get people up from their seats to dance too as well as the jokes that are said by guests and DJs alike. We have a great time were ever we do Comedy Karaoke, and if there is space for our lights, we set them up as well so you are the star every time you get up to sing, the best part is no show is ever the same.  If you are interested in booking Comedy Karaoke, go to the contact us page and please fill out your info and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible. 


Request Line Entertainment Asia Grille 

Looking for a great night of Comedy Karaoke? Come on down to the Asia Grille located conveniently located at 622 George Washington Hwy Lincoln, RI 02865 in the Lincoln Mall Plaza. Check our calendar for our hours of operation.

Check out our singer gallery to see how much fun you will have when come to our show!